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Default Having trouble with playlists with MediaMonkey

I'm using MediaMonkey and I set my clip to sync with a few playlists. The songs and playlists transfer over, but when I use the clip and check the playlists, it says they're empty. I've tried using Sticky on playlists to help me create some, but that didnt seem to work either instead of the "Create a Playlist" I have a "add to playlist" option which makes a playlist on MediaMonkey, but then I end up with the same result. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?
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where is the .m3u file located? when it isn't in the folder "playlist" then it doesn't work.
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Originally Posted by kredig View Post
where is the .m3u file located? when it isn't in the folder "playlist" then it doesn't work.
Actually, that's not true. I believe that's how MTP and .pla playlists work.

In MSC mode, m3u playlists can be anywhere along the path of the music files. The only trick is that the paths in the playlists have to be relative to the location of the playlist file. Typically, you would put the playlists in the root or in the MUSIC folder.

If in the root, the paths in the playlists would look like:

If in the MUSIC folder, the paths in the playlists would look like:
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