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Default SDHC plus Rockbox, how the heck to do a playlist?

ok maybe I am being dense but my current process for doing playlist doesn't appear to work for me now that I have an 8GB sdhc.

My current process is my music doesn't change on the Sansa so I have several playlist such as POP which I created using Sansa Playlister from Hot Coffee. Podcast however I change weekly. Typically I use Zune software to pull Podcast down then Playlister to transfer the files and create Playlist then since I use Rockbox I run "Sansa PLP to Rockbox" also by Hot Coffee.

Now I have an 8GB card I was going to move all my music to the card and the PODS I'll store in main memory so I can keep my current process in place however how the heck do I create Playlist of the 8GB of music on the card and please don't say within the Rockbox interface, yuck.
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Rockbox uses standard m3u playlist files, so anything that can create those is fine. I've used winamp and foobar mainly, but theres literally thousands of programs that can do it.
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But since I can't access the SDHC via OF and USB I guess the only option is to use a USB card reader then create the playlist then save the playlist ot the playlist directory. Boy that's not something your going to do very often.

I think if I put all my "static" music on the SDHC, create playlist either via a playlist creator or my thought was to create Folders based on Playlist then have Rockbox create the playlist based on folders that would be workable. Then I can continue using my currect process for my active content but write it to the main memory and use Sansa Playlister and the OF to create the "Podcast" playlist.
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You can also create your playlists in rockbox. When looking at your music file in the filebrowser press and hold the center button nd then select "Playlist Catalog" and then "Add to New Playlist" and then type in the name of your newly created playlist. To add other files to your newly created playlist just click "Add to Playlist"
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