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Default mp3 vs wma

greetings, getting an a818 within next few days. downloaded mediamonkey last nite which looks like a great program so far. i ripped a few cds and started to rip in mp3 format but after readind further, mm compares differant formats stating mp3s as good, wma as better and so on. since the 818 supports both, can anyone tell me the benifits or risks of wma formats? thanx
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think the wma bitrate support is 192kbps max
and well lame encoded mp3 is rated as equal or superior to most file formats.
the universal compatibility of mp3 makes it the way to go. wma is only better at very low bitrates. but if you care about sound quality, the marginal difference between garbage at such bitrates is irrelevant. lame encoded mp3 has improved to the point where its hard for a format to claim superiority against it. in fact many fail to match it.
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Go w/ mp3 as it's just a universally accepted format. WMA's aren't all their cracked up to be - unless your going LOSSLESS. Even then the Sony players do not support lossless, only standard WMA. Besides, mp3 encoding has come a long way. So, if you rip above 192kbps and use VBR, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference. frimframsauce is on point.
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