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A side effect is that FM radio appears to have disappeared. Seen a mention of this happening with v1 elsewhere.
When I use XNJB I can see recordings that I have made from the radio but not via Sansa menus.
Could be that the European firmware upgrade lacks FM Radio (one reason why I bought my original e200 in the US - yet this is a UK model bought from UK supplier. I'll check previous post when I listed firmware revision to see what the suffix was.
I'll do some further investigation on Sandisk forums tomorrow.

Just looked at Sansa forum on firmware upgrades - realise I need a -f firmware - hopefully can sort that out tomorrow. Shame the firmware updater doesn't check what suffix is installed first - the updater does seem to lack any verbosity!


Final update - decided to have a browse through Sandisk forums and sorted now - instructions at
Had an initial problem in that XNJB couldn't connect but then realised that the e200 was showing up in Finder which is better and problem solved.

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e200, mac, version 2

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