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Default Got my D-2 - now a question about deleting...

For those who remember my last post, "Want to buy - but WHERE?": after my bank having TWO hits on it through Jetmall (my bank immediately took off the charges when I called), I finally ended up getting it at Took a little over a week and a half to get here and THEN, it was left on the ground at my mailbox across the road!
Took the Sandisk View back to BB and haven't had any regrets yet. the D2, LOVE it AND I haven't even had to charge it yet! That's been about 3-4 weeks ago. I usually plug it in to put more songs/videos on it, but other than that, it still maintains a full charge - it's insane!!! Granted, I usually put it on "sleep" mode for about 30 minutes each night (LOVE the sleep mode!!!) and don't listen to it other than that, other than when traveling. question....I've tried to delete songs OTF, but I get the same message that others got - Not support File delete on Music Browser. I've tried browsing through folders as suggested, changed MTP to MSC and back, and everything else I know.
Has anyone figured it out yet?
I'm running 2.54. Is that the best one to run? I'd LOVE upgrade the firmware to gain all the other perks, but this one's working for me and don't even want to THINK about having to put all this stuff back on it!
Also, has anyone done the lyrics thing on it yet?
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I'd really like to answer this as well. It didn't work for me on 2.54 either, and then one day it magically fixed itself. I have no idea what changed When I updated to 2.57 it got bork'd again.
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i'm using 3.57 and i have the same problem sometimes. it works occasionally though.
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Go into folder mode: Select Music - hit Browser - Music List - Mode - Music Library - scroll to Folders - select D2 or D2 EXT - select a folder (Music for example) and play a song. Now your in Folder mode - choose folders or files now and pick what you want to delete.
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