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Originally Posted by Child Of Bodom View Post
To be honest, I don't really see how the W7 is any different from the p2, only the P2 is cheaper and more available. I'm still looking foward towards the W10 though, sound like a great device.

I just got the W7 from a shop whilst shopping in Beijing Electronic Village, they have everything there even that new Samsung S5 S3 etc.

Anyways just want to let u all know iriver is still releasing the W10 after all even though they had released the W7

In UK this year W10 will be released with Wi Fi but everything else is the same as W7 but the joy stick look nicer that's all

The W7 appears to have a nicer screen than P2 and the speaker is very loud and clear, FM reception is fantastic and clear and it takes many format video even the MP4 ipod format with H264 compression which the P2 does not.

W10 release in UK this year, link here
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