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Originally Posted by chrisjs162216 View Post
This would practically go beyond hardware modding. For a cell phone, you'd have to:
Add the cell phone requirements, such as the radio it uses, most likely some sort of GPS-like chip, such as gpsone. To add to it, you'd somehow have to get the cell phone company to accept the phone, and have the firmware to handle it all. Plus, you'd have to have at least one earbud in at all times, as there's nothing to vibrate. Talking would require holding the Sansa upside down, which might look a little odd. Not to mention having to use a scrollwheel to dial/txt.


Using it as a computer won't work either. Since there's practically no mouse, you'd have to scroll up/down using the scrollwheel, and then press a button (rec, select, etc) and then have it scroll left/right. Aside from the hassle, it'd be too slow processor wise to do anything. It's slower than computers back from the '90s ('80s?) and if rockboy/nes games are already slow, an entire operating system would be a lot slower. Plus, there's barely any ram, meaning in order for the operating system to even boot, you'd need some sort of swap space. Internal memory would be killed rather quickly due to all the read/writes, and microsd would be slow and eventually die too.

All in all, any hardware modification would cost way too much money, as:
a. It'd have to be designed specifically for the sansa, meaning a rather high price.
b. It wouldn't be bought it bulk, even higher prices.
c. It'd have to be somehow added to the sansa in a way that wouldn't cause problems with using it, and
d. There'd have to be the firmware for it.
for the record, gameboy games run slow NOT because the sansa has a slower processor than a gameboy, rather because in order to play the games it is emulating the hardware of the gameboy and this takes many more cpu cycles thatn running a native application.
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