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Old 07-01-2008, 09:06 PM
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I've plugged into them have been the small portable key drives which friends have loaned to me. No problems.
USB flash drives use much less power (most less then 100ma) than what a DAP can pull from the USB bus for charging (full 500ma for charging after enumeration and no other connected devices). The USB port can very well still be good and the fault is within the Sleek (battery, charging circuit, diode, etc...).

In future I'll be using the ones built in at the back, thanks for the tip.

I suppose I may as well open the player up to see if the damage is noticably in one area, not that I'm any good at these sorts of things! I'm sure that guide you've linked me to will come in handy.
If it is "fried" as you say, it may very well be real noticable. Good luck and please lets us know how it goes.

Thanks again
No problem. Welcome to ABI Kurt Paul!
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