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Default Battery life drain from using SDHC card.

So apparently, the battery life is mucho drained when using an SDHC card. But how much?

Has anyone heard of a comparison between the battery life when playing music only from the internal memory vs the battery life when playing music with an SDHC card inside?

Any personal experience of the above?
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i haven't tested WITH my SDHC Card but i can tell you their isn't really THAT big of a difference. (probably only 2-5hrs less) my test with using Internal Memory was EQ: Normal, Tracks 128-320kbps, volume at 7-13 at times when i changed, LCD screen on for several minutes. Battery Life was around 34-41HRS
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Here's an old thread about this from iAudiophile:
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That's pretty astounding! One guy got as low as 27 hours playing music from the SD card. Not only that but size may factor in. I personally get enough battery life from mine. I only have to charge every 3 to 7 days, depending on whether I watch video and how much. Oh and I average 30 to 35 on the volume.
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