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Default Just to confirm... Rhapsody

So I got my D2 16gig in the mail last week and I absolutely love that sucker.
I won't go into how awesome it is here, since you guys know that already...

I did some research before buying it, and one thing was that it had to support Rhapsody. There were no real confirmations here. I got a lot of "it should..." but not a real yes.

Well, I just wanted to say that Rhapsody works flawlessly with the D2 using FW 2.57. So if you use Rhapsody, no worries with the D2.
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Thanks a bunch! Although I have already ordered one it's a great relief to know it will work with the with the most current FW.
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Default Thanks!

I have to say that my experiences, until very recently, had been quite different. Under firmware 2.51, Rhapsody would only work with purchased and imported tracks, and it would object that the device did not support subscription tracks. As a longtime Rhapsody To Go subscriber, when I replaced my Sansa e260 with a D2, subscription support was a must-have. After having no success, I instead pirated mp3 versions of the very tracks I was paying for the privilege of legally listening to on a portable device through Rhapsody To Go.

When I found your post today, I was thrilled! I promptly updated to 2.57 and have begun to transfer subscription tracks over. Now I can use my D2 for Rhapsody instead of my N800 (which has a pretty limited rhapsody client implementation, including a lack of any offline playback). So far, so good!

Sound quality is the next question. I'll be comparing the DRM'd 192Kbps WMAs to 320Kbps CBR mp3s over MylarOne X3i's and report back (for the record, I use Radiohead's rather polyphonic In Rainbows as a comprehensive test album, in addition to a darn good listen). I'm rather optomistic that the difference will be negligible.

And of course, you will need to put the player into MTP mode.
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Actually, Rhapsody files are 160Kb/s not 192. Unless there's a setting I'm missing.
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