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That is what I'm thinking too, but haven't gotten there yet with them.

Yeah, this is typical with batteries with high impedance levels. A battery with a high internal resistance can fail when put under a heavy current/load. Even though the battery may show a good charge, the voltage drops to or below the cut-off level and can show as a low battery or power off. This can easily trigger the low voltage protection circuit which can be problematic when attempting to charge or even prevent a re-charge altogether.

If the battery is dead why would the light on top be on like the power is on?
This can light up because it indicates/detects power to the unit, but not necessarily passing it on or charging the battery.

No change if I plug the charger into the AC
The Zen could be experiencing more severe power related problems besides the battery; perhaps within the mainboard. If so, most likely a new/replacement mainboard will be needed to repair. The best way to find out is to try another battery.
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