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Default Video on microSD: Possible on e200 v1 without Rockbox or beta?

I realize that this issue has been discussed, but there are conflicting answers after extensive searching.

My question: Is it possible to play video saved on the microSD card on a Sansa e200 v.1 using non-beta Sansa firmware, for example 1.02.18A or 1.02.24A?

-I know that Rockbox can play video from microSD.
-I know that Sansa claims in their literature that microSD+video is supported.
-I know that there is beta firmware that allows micrSD+video.
-I want to rule out, once and for all, whether I can or cannot use supported Sansa firmware for video saved on microSD.

I would like to hear from users who have tried and failed or tried and succeeded in playing video from SD cards using supported Sansa firmware, and which versions. Thank you.
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I have tried all the Non beta and Beta firmwares for video on the e200 v1 with no luck on any of them.
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I know with my e280R you could select the microSD card or the Sansa's internal memory, but I have not tried myself since I use Rockbox.
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I've tried too with my e260 v.1 with no success...sorry. That's why I'm using Rockbox now.
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