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Default sansa recovery linux files help

Hi I have a refurb 4 GB e200 and I hosed it up badly. It worked Saturday and I installed Rockbox along with a WPS theme. It worked just fine until i left one of the games. Then the Sandisk logo screen came up and it froze. I restarted it and now I just get the blue ring.
I have tried 3 of the tutorials here and I can get into recovery mode. The 16 Mb disk shows up on Ubuntu desktop. I drag and dropped the 3 files BL_SD_BOARDSUPORT.ROM, PP5022.MI4 and sansa.fmt. I use the unmount command then disconnect the sansa and I get errors. Something about bootloader failed,image failed.

I wonder if the files I am trying to drag and drop are proper format.The Icons look like blue diamonds.
I just saw the new Tutorial and the files look more like text pages rather than blue diamond (applications maybe?)

Also Barskir said he had to capitalize the file extention.
True or not.
I tried it both ways.
I think that my not knowing how to make the files look like they do in Barksirs tutorial may be the issue.

So to sum up
I load Ubuntu
take files from thumbdrive and drag them to the home folder.
open terminal use sudo command
Device found sandisk logo pops up welcome to recovery mode.
16MB created on desktop. drag and drop 3 files
unmount command
Bootloader failed blue ring again.

I know this is easier than I'm making it out to be.
Can anyone help me out here?
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Hey I got it fixed although answers to my earlier questions would help too.
It turned out that I removed the back cover and pressed on the rubber rectangle and felt it POP into place.
It powered up and I'm loading music files now.
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What questions, didn't you get it all fixed?
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Yes its all fixed for now . But for future reference and for the benefit of others
1. Can you use the drag and drop/copy and paste method to get the needed files to the 16 MB disk?
2. Why do all the icons look like applications instead of sheets of paper or text for BL_SD_BOARDSUPPORTSD.ROM and pp5022.MI4 FILE as in Barksirs tutorial?
3. Is it ok or needed to capitilize the file extentions .rom and .mi4?

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