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No, you don't put the player in the bowl, you dip the protech shield in the bowl.

The protech shield is made from the same polymer material used for the tips of helicopter blades -- so it's clear, but pretty tough. It is sticky on the inside, so to position it on the P2, you need to get it wet and a little slippery, so you can move it into the proper positioning before it dries and sets . . . It's recommended to use water with just a little dish detergent in it -- and you can apply it to the sticky side of the shield either by using a spray bottle, or by dipping it in the bowl

Invisibleshield, Protech, and BestSkinEver all use the same material I believe -- so either product will work -- though not all made a shield to fit the front and the back of the player -- Protech offers this . . .

Bottom line, you do not want to get the P2 wet! It's pretty tightly put together, but if water gets in there, you're in trouble. So you get the shield or skin material wet, slide it around until its in the right spot, and then squeegy the excess water out with a credit card.

Also -- don't turn on the player right after applying the skin. You need to make sure the water that was on the inside of the skin has evaporated away and will not damage the electronics of the player -- read the instructions that come with the skin you decide to buy, and it will tell you how long you need to wait after installing your shield.
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