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Old 06-13-2008, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by bwprius View Post
This is direct evidence of a power failure, and there's no possibility the drive could be the cause of what you are experiencing.
It could be a power failure, but you cannot conclude that it definitely is. It sounds more like a hard drive issue to me. This symptom you are describing i have witnessed before several times in two different Creative players, older players. (Touch and Micro) and each of these times it was a hard drive failure and it would not turn on. What also leads me to believe that it may be a hard drive issue is the fact that it said "please format the hard drive".

What bothers me about this is the fact that the dealer is adamant about blaming it on you and the power source by using the words: "there's no possibility the drive could be the cause". There is a very good possibility it is the drive- this was a very common issue with HDD based players from around those years they were manufactured. From my experience i would say its more likely the HDD, but i cannot say with 100% certainty. Sounds to me like the dealer is trying to weasle out of replacing your player. -but that all depends too on what the warranty is and how long ago you purchased it.
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