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Unhappy Bleh!! My Fuze Is Defective.....

Well, rats. I'm sending my 8GB Fuze I just got back to Amazon as defective. It just happened.......I was listening to it plugged into my PC speakers in the office - as I have done for most of the past 2 weeks I've had it - and all of a sudden it stopped playing.

I had it in the felt slip case that comes with the player, so I couldn't see any unusual eror msg's on the screen....I just noticed that it stopped playing. Removing it from the case, it was powered off. I attempted to switch it back on several times, but got no response whatsoever: no blinking lights, no "battery needs charging" message on the screen....nothing.

Still, I naturally assumed that the battery had drained, but this concerned me. I had fully charged the battery here at my office just yesterday afternoon, and had only listened to the Fuze in my car on the way home for about 1 hour, then listened to it again here this morning for about 2 hours. I had been experiencing good battery life with it during the past 2 weeks, so I wondered why the battery would drain so quickly with so little playing time.

But I had the USB cable in my car, and plugging the Fuze up, I still got no response from it at all: no blinking or flickering of the lights, nothing. The Fuze is simply dead in the water. It's been cared for perfectly in the time I've had it, so there can't be any component damage from abuse. It was just sitting on my desk in the slip case, playing away, then it died......

I'm placing an order for a replacement from Amazon, as I actually was enjoying the Fuze right up to the point I couldn't any longer. This was the first real issue I have had with all the DAP's I've gotten since my 1st one, which was a piece of crap anyways. I guess I was due.....

Hopefully my replacement Fuze will be a good one, as I'm expecting to get a long return on my investment....I still have a 8GB microSD card that I was planning to use with the Fuze, but has yet not had any content loaded onto it.....
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