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Default Auto-off feature

I also would like to see a Rockbox patch that would shut down my player after a preset time (like the auto-off feature) except it would be persistent; that is the setting would remain in the device (mine is a Sansa) until changed. I have used radios with this feature for many years. The small irritation with the device going off is greatly offset by two situations:

1. My Sansa frequently gets left on inadvertently. Since the screen is set to go dark after 10 seconds, it just runs until the battery is dead. When I pick it back up to use it, surprise-- its dead. With the auto-off it would run 30 minutes and it would shut off. I would always know within 30 minutes how much battery is left.
2. I also would like to use the Sansa to listen to podcasts as I go to sleep. Many times I nod off and the player plays until morning. I don't think I sleep deeply with the player going constantly, I invariably change back to my trusty radio with the auto-off feature. I could use the sleep timer but if I happen to awaken in the middle of the night, it is impossible to reset the timer easily. The same auto-shutdown feature would be perfect for this application.

What I need is an auto-off that turns the device off after xx minutes. The Sansa will bookmark and shutdown and turning it back on is just a push of the ON button.

Would you be willing to try adding a patch which is supposed to add the auto-shutdown feature to the Sansa? I have asked for this in the Rockbox forums and this (auto_shutdown_patch.txt) is what they have recommended so the auto shutdown can be set from the config files:


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