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Default P2 or Ipod Touch?

What's better:
P2 or Ipod Touch?

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Depends 100% on what you need it for

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The iTouch is better in my opinion. But if you really aren't going to use the features that it offers or willing to pay a little bit more for them, then the p2 fits what you need better.

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Depends on if you like little apps like tap tap revolution and games then go for the touch... if you just want music and thats it go for p2.

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This question has been asked sooo many times and always ends with the same results.

Try doing a search in this forum and then browse amazon and read the reviews/specs of both and decide which you want.

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Well just use the compare feature in this forum, or listen to bias opinions like mine!

EDIT: My bias opinion is "P2 Rocks, and no, I<don't>Touch!!!!
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I've owned both so I can make a decent decision. If you want a Mp3 player for video playback and Wifi capabilities, and more accessory support, but a Touch.

If you want an Mp3 player for sound quality, tactile volume controls, better battery life, better firmware support, bluetooth, and lower price point. Get a P2.

I preferred the P2 over the Touch since I never used the Wifi on my Touch.

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I honestly love the P2
and think it's the best mp3 player I've ever owned;
but I can't down the iPod Touch.

When I get paid,
buying an 8 gig iPod Touch, and an 8 gig P2.

Just so I can have the best of both worlds.
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Closed Thread

ipod, p2, samsung, touch

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