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Default I Did It! Finally Ordered my D2!

OK, I finally went & did it, ordered my D2 a few minutes ago. Thanks to everyone for all the info posted here.

I researched a bunch 'fore settling on the D2 (my only other MP3 player is a Sansa "e" series). I really didn't want a touch screen, but the D2 has so much more of the other things really important to me, so I got past that.

I listen to a lot of, but not exclusively, classical music and audio books, so sound quality, voice and music, is very important to me - my late Mom was a concert pianist, so I guess I'm a mini-audiophile, so to speak.

OK, now I gotta wait til Friday or Monday for my new D2. I got the 8GB model.

Back to searching the posts here for all the info I need on hand when my new baby arrives!

Thanks again, everybody who contributes here - 'tis greatly appreciated!
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Congrats, hope you enjoy

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@galleryb: Welcome to the family!!!
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Thanks, folks! I sure hope my D2 arrives Friday ... or it's going to be a very long weekend wait!
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