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Help Sncviewer help plz.

hey all. i just downloaded kugel's compilation, and i think it is great. however, i'm a complete noob, and don't know how to use sncviewer at all. I read all the comments posted by users on the rockbox website, and also the manual, but still don't get how to use it whatsoever. can anyone tell me a step-by-step tutorial on how to use sncviewer to upload, link (to mp3s) and view .lrc files on my sansa? thanks for any help that anyone can give me.
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to view lyrics with sncviewer, simply:
1. rename the .lrc file so that it has the same name as your mp3
2. place the .lrc in the same folder
3. start playing your music
4. browse to plugins -> applications -> sncviewer

that should get it to work, but personally i use cpchan's build so i dont know if there are any differences between his and kugel's.
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Please ask questions in the appropriate build thread for the build you are using.

And also refer to the rockbox tracker post I linked to in the first page of my build thread on how to use sncviewer.

sncviewer is highly unofficial, therefore the official site and the manual can't help you at this point.
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