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Default 4GB Fuze vs 4GB Clip

So I've owned a wide range of players over the years from many different manufacturers (iriver, apple, creative, sandisk, microsoft), and since their release my fiancee and I have both been using the 8GB Zune. My frustration with the zune is that I have issues using the control pad while in my car. Clicking down on the button tends to result in a directional move and a click, changing albums/artists I didn't want, etc. My fiancee has issues with the Zune software as well, it doesn't bother me as much, but since she's got a folder sorted setup with a lot of missing tags, the Zune has been a headache.

After much research on sites like abi, I decided to give Sandisk another go, as it seems they've done a lot to step up their SQ and seem to be making use of the feedback provided on their forums. My decision was down to the Fuze or the Clip, neither of us watch video, I listen to more podcasts as well as music.

Well, Best Buy kinda made my decision for me as they only had the Clip in stock, so I figured I'd start with that one. I like the size, adding music has been smooth, firmware updated easily with the ABI link to the download (thanks!), and the SQ is much better than the Zune when connected to my car stereo. My biggest frustration is that I can't see the screen in the car. Even when stopped I have to move it closer than where it sits near the center console. When I took it home, my fiancee told me she felt it was too small and she would probably lose it.

I had planned to get her a Fuze anyways, but now I'm thinking maybe I should use a Fuze in the car as well. My biggest problem with that is with the standard USB on the Clip I can charge it using my car charger for my cell phone, whereas that won't be an option with the Fuze.

Anyways, long story short...I didn't see any comparison between the fuze and clip despite them being offered in a similar size. I'm curious if any previous clip owners made the step up and how they feel about it. I have a Sandisk I bought over a year ago (e280 I think) and I HATE the fonts on the hard would it be to switch to an anti-alias font, seriously Sandisk. It looks like the Fuze is the same way, but nobody has them in stock so I haven't been able to check. If someone could comment on the UI look that might help me out as well.

For now I'm going to enjoy using the Clip, and before my return period is up I'll decide if I'd be better off with the Fuze...if only it could have had a standard USB port this would be so easy. And don't get me wrong, I understand the proprietary port for docks and the like, that just isn't something I personally make use of.
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Well I have 2 Clips (1GB & 2GB), an old C250 I rockboxed, and most recently got an 8GB Fuze (w/2GB microSD), and I can offer up my own opinions on your situation:

I use my Clips mainly for exercising and walking to and from my day job. I use my Fuze to provide setbreak music at my night job (I'm a live sound tech), as well as for personal listening at home. All players I have are for strictly music, no video.

I had been really happy with the sound quality of the Clip (still am), but the two things that really bothered me about the player were the poor quality of the shuffle feature on the Clip (hopefully fixed with the next firmware update), as well as the relatively small storage capacities. I can relate to your fiancee as well, I've lost my 1GB Clip twice so far....

The Fuze is a perfect fit for me. Shuffle is exactly what I expect and need (i.e. a randomized playlist, you can't be playing setbreak music in a bar and having the same song playing 3 times in 20 minutes). The expandable/swappable storage option is really great for me as well. I just look at it as having an 8GB player with swappable storage and better sound quality than my girlfriend's Nano 3G for less money .

I too am disappointed by the proprietary data port on the Fuze, but I have seen that the Fuze supports audio out using the Sansa View's A/V cable (no video though), so I have a suspicion that most any older accessory using the Sansa post is supported, including the car chargers. Just depends on how much more money you're willing to spend, I guess.

My experience with the Fuze's screen in direct sunlight makes me think it may not be much better for you in that respect than the Clip. It's still hard to see. Also, the screen has a tendency to scratch a bit easier than I'd hoped, and I'm not that hard on it. I just need a skin for it... soon.

I really don't pay much attention to fonts and all that, but I do think that SanDisk really needs to rethink their user interface. I'm just biding my time for a Rockbox port for the Sansa v2 chips really.....

I guess for my needs, having both a Clip and a Fuze is an ideal situation, especially considering the price of both players. Of course your mileage may vary.
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Default Right... Clip for Quick, Fuze for all the rest

I use my Clip for the gym and anytime I think I might be beating the crap out of my mp3 player. I upgraded from an e250 to the Fuze and I'm kind of sorry I waited. Better SQ, the interface is so much snappier and I like the redone control dial. If I had to buy just one, it would be the Fuze, though. My battery life is sooooo mych worse on my Clip than anything else I've ever used. In the end, the Fuzeis just too much player for so little cash. Then when you find $45 laying around, grab a clip for throw away.
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