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Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
I’m not as tactful as BobbyRS....

Just doing my part with trying to keep the house organized my friend.

Yeah, I'm not here to debate over which players are superior since most are basically peoples opinions based on personal preferences. If someone says one player is better then another, than for them, it is. Who am I to say that they are wrong? I can merely state my views based upon what I think and like and hope that they help in a way to make someone’s decisions easier or more defined. I usually don't post in these types of threads since they usually just lead to a bunch of individuals (or groups) trying to pass their opinions off as facts and eventually just end up as arguments that prove nothing. I would much rather help people with real problems than to play the "my Dad can beat up your Dad" games. I have already stated my opinion on the Zen and D2 in the link above (if anyone is even interested). I see no need to repeat any of it in every thread someone posts comparing them.

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