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Originally Posted by AlexK View Post
New here too. I agree. I got a couple Digi-Blocks at $20, a pretty good price for a 2GB player since just a plain 2GB USB memory stick goes for at least $15.

Anyway, I managed to mess up one of the two . The USB cable came loose while writing files to it. Its file system got messed up enough that Device Manager flip flops between recognizing it and not, so there isn't even a drive or device I can format. Just like the MobiBLU cubes, this cube is capable of going into "Rescue Mode" by attaching it to a PC via the USB cable, holding down the play button and poking the reset button for about 5 seconds. After releasing the reset button, the play button has to be depressed until the unit boots. The PC will then recognize it as either an STMP3500 (a common chip used in MP3 players) or a Player Recovery Device.

Obviously, I need the Digi-Block firmware update disk, which did not come with the unit. The CD just contained Windows drivers (which aren't needed for XP at all). The site is useless, and has no links to the firmware. Just a question for this forum, did anyone actually get the update program with their cube? The Digi-Block website seems to imply that it should have come on the CD. I'll probably call the 800 number on Monday to ask about the program. Someone actually answered the phone immediately on a Saturday, but he said the office was closed on weekends.

In the meantime, I tried loading the MobiBLU Cubisto firmware into the unit (available on the MobiBLU site). The block is now recognized as a Cubisto, and I can drag files into it on the PC, but the display stays blank, and the buttons don't work. I was hoping it would work, but I guess there are enough hardware differences. Oh well.

Anyway, if anyone knows where to get the real Digi-Block firmware, please post.

Sorry for the long post, but there should enough keywords in here for the right people to find it on the search engines.

- AlexK
Hi guys. My Digi-Block has gone crazy too! Did anyone finally get the real Digi-Block firmware? If so, please let me know how to get it!

Thanx a lot!
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