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A few months necro'd here, but...

I tried one (Kix 1GB). Returned it in 2 days (so sorry not much data for battery reviewing). For some reason various sections of an audiobook (certain files) played at all various speeds...wild. I did not see that on any other player with these same files. It was nice as far as compact, cheap, built-in USB, screen, etc, but I could not deal with the issue described above.

I also tried an RCA player (model escapes me now)...little 1 GB stick version. It was decent, except it would not pause the files when it was turned off, which is obviously undesirable for audiobooks.

I have settled on the Sansa Clip, and am very happy with it so far. In fact I dug it so much (auditioned the 1GB), I decided to go with the 4GB. Amazing little player, so far. Crazy price for such a great sounding player, especially with screen, bookmarks (thanx to the recent firmware), FM, recorder, EQ (meh, but sometimes it helps with the bass in certain applications).

Just great player there (Clip)...but you were asking about the Kix...which I would not recommend. Same price (or thereabouts...seems like I got the Kix for $30, but it's $40 now on their site...ah well) and you can have the 1 GB clip.

Just my opinion.
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