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Default S30 Error 5 HELP!!

Hi everyone,

Got my gigabeat a few months ago. It's been great but today I picked it up and turned it on, and it told me to contact a manufacturer, with a picture of a 5 in a yellow triangle. I've tried charging it but it won't hold a charge. Plugging it into the computer doesn't make it work either.

Is there any way to fix this? Do I have to send it in to Toshiba? If I do, can someone tell me how to do that, because I've tried looking around the Toshiba site and it's very confusing, and I can't find anything!

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I opened it up, and the hard drive cable was askew so I pushed it back into place. I turned the battery back on and got a start up screen, which is good. But I think I bent the case or something because the power button is not responding now, so it's not going past the charging icon. Is the warranty void? :-S
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Yes I think it would be if you opened it up and messed with things...
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I hope for your sake the warrenty isn't void, however because you've opened it up yourself it could be. I've had error 5 before on my gigabeat S60 and I sent mine away for repair, the problem was something to do with a corrupt database file i think.

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check the cable from the case to the pc board, it connects the power switch etc.
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I had the same error. "Contact manufacturer for repair" with a "5" in the yellow triangle. I called Toshiba, but since mine is out of warranty, they referred me to a 3rd party repair shop. THAT shop wanted a flat fee of $160 to repair. screw that

I decidede to just open it up since it was out of warranty anyway, and what did i find?

The hard drive flex cable had come lose. I re-attatched it and bam, working gigabeat.

If your gigabeat is out of warranty it is worth it to check cable connections!
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