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Default Gap/gapless tests on firmware 1.01.29

I encoded Pink Floyd's gapless "Dark Side of the Moon" album to WAV (44kHz 16bit stereo), MP3 (LAME 3.97 -v0 --vbr-new), Ogg Vorbis (aoTuV b5.5 -q6).

I played the album in all 3 formats and recorded the track transitions to my computer, then I checked how big the gaps were.

WAV: ~0.4 sec
MP3: ~0.5 sec
Vorbis: ~0.9 sec

As usual, the de-facto gapless Ogg Vorbis format is the worst - I noticed the same on my Cowon X5 and D2. When will DAP manufacturers ever learn?

To make things even worse for gapless playback, the Sansa Clip fades the beginnings and ends of tracks for about 0.05 seconds, no matter what audio codec.
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Gapless sure would be nice for awesome albums like that... Gapless is such a nice niche (meaning there are some who would buy a clip for that reason alone) that doesnt require too much work (one would think)
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Gapless should be the norm--whatever reflects the original recording. It's readily possible (Rockbox has it for MP3, for heaven's sake), it's just that the manfs. aren't paying attention to it. Consumers and reviewers should start demanding it routinely.
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