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Im staying at 1.55 for now, as i just bought another 2 8gb cards (3 now, one came in the trade) and if this had come out earlier i would have one less card to carry, just an 8gb and 16gb.

I also like my ONLY 1.55 DAB/DMB icon theme, and ONLY flash skin that would work with 1.55.

|*| Cowon D2(w) 4gb (DAB with non-DAB 2.02 D2+ firmware) + 40gb of SDHC's (Rigid Wood IC RSA Tomahawk ) LiveWires T1 Customs.
|+| ATH-ON3w Black | Broken (DAB logo'd) 4gb Non-DAB D2 | Broken BSG cMoy | White Sennheiser MX500 Buds.

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