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Default Sansa on pc seen as 0 bytes used, available

I have rockbox on my sansa e270 for 2 weeks and all was working well.

Recently tried to unzip kugel build onto my sansa and was unsuceesful - files could not be extracted.

My Sansa can still play under rockbox and OF but now when connected to any PC it says 0 bytes used, 0 bytes available and all folders have disappeared.

Tried to uninstall rockbox using sansapatcher - it says cannot detect any e200 player. Also tried formatting the sansa under windows - nothing happens. On disconnecting the sansa from pc using safely remove hardware, the sansa still says connected and doesn't reboot unless I press power button for sometime to reset.

How do I get my sansa back to normal?
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The exact same thing happened to me today.

I just tried to plug it in (e280) and it showed up as Removable Disk (or something like that) instead of Sansa e280. It said 0 bytes used and 0 bytes available.

I hope we both can get our Sansas fixed.
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You might have to use the "sansa.fmt" way, and then you have reinstall Rockbox and put your music back on.
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