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Default Reset and Format, what exactly means?

I have read that you need to do these actions sometimes to solve problems but both sound scary. What do you lose when you reset and when you format?

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If I remember correctly, when you Format your Clip, your music and any custom settings are deleted and defaulted. However, I cant remember what happens when the Clip is reset, so I can't give you valid information. Although, I don't think the Clip has a reset option, just Format.

I would check for you, but I currently don't have it at hand.

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Reset is a function that resets your player to the factory settings which means that your player's settings (such as backlight settings etc) will be like the ones u had when u first "met" your player.
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Formatting does nothing more than erase all the data on you player, sets settings to factory standards & in turn, it seems to fix a lot of issues. A little more detail on disk formatting.

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Originally Posted by CrimsonLives View Post
Although, I don't think the Clip has a reset option, just Format.
Yes, Crimson, it resets when you hold the power button up for 15 seconds or more. I've never tried, though.

Well, in conclusion, if everybody agrees: Format erase all non system files (music, playlists, books, etc) and set default settings. Reset just set default settings. Both seems to solve some problems, like freezing, bad battery display and other malfunctioning. The most important thing: both are standard procedures that won't damage the device at all.

Thanks, friends.

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I've formatted my Clip before and my settings such as custom EQ aren't erased.

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Default Playlist Problem. Works now, at least for me.

FOr me, it works like this:

I go to windows media player.

I See the playlists.

I create one. (Strg + n )

Then i click on the Playlists again. I see the new created playlist. ( "xy 01")

I Right Click on this Playlist xy 01.
I click on "add to snychron list"

I click "start synchronisation"

I Check the player, i go to playlists. There it is.
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Welcome to ABi

Please note the date of a thread before you bump it open. This thread is close to 5 years old. The OP hasn't been here in ~2 1/2 years. You can check that by clicking the persons name in their post and viewing their public profile.

Along with that your answer has nothing to do with the original question. That was about settings on the player, not how to have a PC sync a playlist.

At that your method only works in a limited set of circumstances. Someone reading this and trying to follow your directions would be quite confused when they fail if the player is set to MSC USB mode. If a Clip is set to MSC WMP will transfer the files but won't create the needed .m3u playlist on the player.

Adding it all that together I think this thread has lived it's life and doesn't need anything more added.

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