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Default Can someone mention the risks of rockbox?

1. (topic)

2. If movies can be only transfered thru OF how will it play mjpeg 2?

3. Can someone post the link that shows a movie on how to install rockbox step by step?

4. Is there a theme that looks just like OF?
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1) That you'll realize that you bought a player with a crappy firmware & you hurt yourself slapping yourself in the forhead. That you will spend way too much time loading different themes and personalizing your player. That's about it.
2) and 3) I don't watch videos, so I can't help.
4) EXACTLY like it - no. Very close as far as colors, yes. Check out the themes page to get a good idea of them.
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1) There is not very many in my opinion.
2) If you use MSC mode, it does not matter.
3) Just use drag and drop the video, and then use the "Files" in Rockbox. Plus, it talks about it in the Rockbox Manual.
4) Like rtech says.
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1. None that I know of.

2. In MSC Mode just use drag and drop, then use the files menu option. DO NOT use the Sansa Media Converter


4. As rtech says, just look at the themes and see what you like.

You'll also have to see if you want to use the Rockbox original build or one of the Custom builds.

I changed to Rockbox on my e280v1 and will never go back. Rockbox rocks!!

Finally, in this forum, search, search, search. You'll find most of your questions answered.
e280 RockBox Charles' build
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Movies are transfered through the OF, but played within Rockbox (after a reboot) of course. That's how it is will any other file.
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