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Old 05-07-2008, 07:36 AM
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Sandisk is a hard company to analyze since so much of their revenue is from flash memory cards(I don't know the exact percentage). The flash memory market is hard to analyze since at times selling prices drop so fast, and it is hard to predict how fast production costs will drop. I like what they are doing in their mp3 player division. I was almost tempted to buy a few shares of the stock recently when it was around $21. Now it is around $30. I would like to find some pure play investments for mp3 players or player components. Most of the mp3 player makers get only a small percentage of their revenue from mp3 players though. I don't want to invest in Apple, Cowon, or Creative. I bought a few shares of Actions Semiconductor recently. The shares are cheap now, however they are a bit risky. At least they settled their disputes with Sigmatel. Action's Series 13 SOC chips seems interesting. Which players use them? Any other ideas for mp3 player or player component pure plays? i looked at Synaptics but decided the stock is too expensive.

I noticed that Omnivision is on that list. I bought a few shares of the stock recently as it seems like a good value now at around $15. They make camera modules for cell phones and security cameras though, and don't make mp3 player related components.
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