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Question Transferring audiobooks from CD to Nano Plus

I have been trying for three days to transfer audio books from CDs to my Zen Nano Plus. The files transfer just fine (using either Windows Media Player 11 or Creative's Media Organizer), but when I try to play them, they don't play in the correct order. Track 1 from CD 1 plays, then track 1 from CD 2, then track 1 from CD 3, etc. Then it starts with all the track 2s, etc. How can I get the Zen Nano Plus to play the files in the order I transferred them? I have tried editing both the title and the track number, but even though track 1 on CD 2 has been renamed track 10, it still plays second. I'm very frustrated. I've wasted hours and hours on this issue. I know the ZNP doesn't support playlists, but I even tried creating a playlist in WMP and transferring that. (Of course, it didn't work.)

My computer is running Vista Home. I have upgraded the firmware on the ZNP. (Nothing else would update on the Vista, and I had to upgrade the firmware on another computer.)
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Change the order in the playlist from WMP.
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Default Transferring audiobooks from CD to Nano Plus

Remember the nano+ file system works on folders and files
Treat the CDs as albums (folders) then the tracks as album tracks (MP3 or WMA files in the folders).

If you have already ripped the tracks, You don't need to use the zen software or windows media player, you can just shuffle the tracks around using windows explorer.

It sounds as if you have all of the tracks together in the main folder of your nano+ , Using windows explorer, your zen will show up as a removable drive and you will probably see a load of MP3/ WMA files when you open it.

If you have synced from windows Media player if memory serves, the tracks will probably be in the Music folder

Create three new folders called CD1, CD2 and CD3 (or whatever) on your nano + .
Move the tracks from the first CD into CD1, the second cd into CD2 and so on. (you should be able to sort them by date if the filenames don't give a clue)

You should then have three folders, each containing the correct tracks

They should now play in the right order - and next/previous album will work.

Remember that tracks get played in the strict order of the filename, so if you have more than 9 tracks remember the leading zeroes. Call them 01 this track.mp3, 02 that track.mp3 and so on.

Hope this helps.


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