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Old 05-03-2008, 06:13 PM
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First of all, charging overnight wont harm the device, it has a protection circuit to cut power when the battery is full. The battery runs at optimum somewhere below full charge, but you can't overcharge it. It just won't hurt it to charge it less than full every time.

Also, the device will shut down when the voltage from the battery drops below about 3.5 volts, but that isn't 30-40% charge left, that's when the battery is barely able to power the device. I'd say you'd be safe to just charge it every day if possible, and avoid running it to where it cuts off power.

My optimum charging schedule is pretty much this:

If it's used frequently, charge it every day for about an hour. More if you use it for video (maybe 2 hours a day then). Your battery will outlast your desire to keep the device.

I can't see that you're watching more than 5 hours of movie in a day, I mean, come on
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