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Default Go-Vibe DAC

Hi guys.
Did any of you ever used the Go-Vibe DAC? Its pretty hard to find any info on the net about it. If anyone could post his impressions with the DAC or at least what he heard of it, i'd appreciate.

Thanks in advance,
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If it's the Go-Vibe amp, I read on head-fi:
The last of the final batch of 50 Go-Vibe V7s has been shipped. However, I'm still getting enquiries on a daily basis from folks who missed out on this opportunity. So, I went over my remaining parts inventory and I found I have enough parts to build 10 more V7s. The only part I don't have is the circuit board itself. Ordering just 10 boards comes at a very premium price, but I went ahead and ordered them anyway. It does mean a bit of a price increase, but I'm sure you'll agree it's still worth it.

So here's the deal; There are now just 9 x V7 Eco version amps available with the Standard case, silver knob, silver front panel hex bolts and green LED. They look really nice this way.
Price is $130US each, including shipping to any country, and you'll also get a free Cardas 6" mini to mini cable!
If you are interested in securing one of this last few, email me at
This is absolutely the last run of the V7 or any other Go-Vibe, since I am retiring permanently to do other things.

iirc, there were only going to be a limited amount produced, but did read that the amp may be continued by another company (could be rumor). BTW, it’s reviewed here and there's a thread dedicated to it here.

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Thanks a lot WalkGood.
But to be honest i was asking about just a pure Go-Vibe DAC without an amp. It's very unpopular I guess.
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I have one.

The USB DAC is the same one found in Go-Vibe Petite (as told by Uncle Wilson). If you read the review of the amp, I think most will cover the DAC's part. Personally I think there is nothing special about it, than again, what could one expect from a DAC beside being... a DAC, right? In any case, I don't use my PC for music so I didn't actually spend much time on it to give you any meaningful opinion. The only thing I can tell you is, it can be use as a lone unit (but volume has to be controlled by PC) or connect to an amp (which the SQ will greatly depend on the amp than the DAC). It is a lot less noisy than my on board sound card for sure.

As for the Go-Vibe7, now it is produced by Jaben under exclusive licensing from Norm. The same goes for the whole Go-Vibe brand name. I believe that is the agreement b/w Uncle Wilson and Norm before he goes to full retirement.

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