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Okay, fair enough. I've tried the subscription service with a much older player (H320), though I keeping seeing stuff going wrong even locally on my PC with Napster and Rhapsody. It seems to require constant software updates, reinstalls, and database rebuilds just to get DRM10 to work right (something even those companies have complained about). Maybe DRM11 will be better . . .

Assuming it *does* work, then it comes down to user choice. I'm ready to go back to dragging and dropping my own files and not worrying about DRM (meaning more ripped CDs, thank you), because I find the automation in general slows me down. Now I can go back to the workflow of my first media player, the original Rio.

I don't trust the manufacturers, though, to continue to provide us with UMS devices unless we start making a racket and demanding them. I thought it was funny that Boing Boing made a big deal about iRiver's firmware update to switch back to UMS, when it seems that that was primarily for the Asian market. Not that I don't enjoy shopping for electronics in Akhibara and Seoul, but I'd rather it not be my only alternative!

I certainly value this site as a way of encouraging buyer independence, because if everyone chooses iPod, the Windows device makers will listen to Microsoft rather than their customers. And, regardless of how good-intentioned MS is, that's never a good thing with any company.
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