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1) Enable DNSe under Bluetooth so I can correct for the mediocre sound quality using the User EQ. The T9B (v1.80) has this feature and it sounds better than the P2 & T10 using BT. The newer Samsungs should not take away functionality provided by it's predecessors. Sony has also provided similar functionality in thier A72x/A82x series players.

2) Increase the allowable bit rate the P2 & T10 will stream to improve SQ. There is no way on earth these devices stream anywhere near the theorectical limits of BT 1.2, considering these are BT 2.0 devices. I've heard phones with better BT A2DP sound quality and they are phones. The Sony NWZ-A829 is good example can be done with A2DP sound quality. Competitive analysis improves the breed. It sounds like it's being held to a 64kbps bit rate at best. regardless of the theorectical max bit rates.

3) Enable the Bluetooth A2DP output under FM tuner as already implemented on the T9B (v1.80). The T9B sync cable serves as a antenna so this can be useful while charging.

4) Make the BT output quasi 'line out' as implemented in the T9B (v1.80) to prevent having to fool with two separate volume controls.

5) Don't allow a screen tap to change the music play screen. There is a menu option to facilitate this already so tapping on the screen during playback is redundant. An accidental screen tap forces someone tap thru all the options or go into menu to fix.

6) Enable RDS for all regions. Why RDS is limited so some regions completely escapes me.
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