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Originally Posted by EnzoTen View Post
Sorry you cannot compare Samsung to Apple when it comes to creating a software development environment.
  1. Apple is a software company and is privy to Software Development.
  2. An SDK already exists for the Touch on the iPhone.
  3. Apple has 100 fold of the number of "SDK'able" devices, therefor is working with a much more substantial user base.
  4. You are kind of a rude person- im just trying to inform and state my opinion.
1. Samsung makes devices using software. Who do you suppose writes the software? 0 points.
2. Before Apple released it to the public, they used it themselves to create software for the iPhone and Touch. Samsung uses their own SDK to write software for the P2, and all their other consumer devices. Guess what? It's still before they will (if they ever do) release that SDK to the public. Uncannily similar circumstances! 0 Points.
3. Have you been to Samsung's web site lately? FYI the P2 isn't the only device they make that uses software. So you'll know, anything that uses software (anything with a computer chip in it) has an SDK of some sort for it. 0 Points.
4. You're just trying to inform me that you're smarter than me, and you aren't. Kind of snobish on your part. 0 Points.

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