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Default Hate Double Tapping? Cure!

I've been annoyed by the need to double tap items in menus. I discovered today, although this may have been true since the first firmware, that a touch instead of a tap will pick and go in one action for any menu item. By touch I mean tap but leave your finger on the item a bit longer.

This works in music menus, music lists., video lists, photo array, basically everything I tried that didn't already have a "touch" optional action. Touch instead of Tap!

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I'd like to add that the double tap was my biggest complaint when comparing the P2 to my iPod Touch. The ipod has no distinction between touches and taps, so this feature of the P2 changes the score considerably for me.
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I found this out a month ago but didn't feel the need to post it...
Only works good for recent used tabs, like hold music for now playing, video for now playing etc(like you posted).

But if you just hold down an album, it will go to song list, but why do that when you could double tap?
Hold down an artist and it will go to the album listing.
Same thing really.

Just tested it, and it takes longer to hold the button than tapping it twice, of course I'm referring not to the main menu.
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lmfao, i woulda though a lot of people knew this already
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I searched through the user manual and this forum to see if it was mentioned before posting. Not in the user manual. Touching the home screen icons has been mentioned several times, but not the submenu items. I thought mentioning it would help inform anyone who didn't know it already, like me yesterday. Some things come slowly to us old folks.
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