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Default Archos 704 WIFI anyone have one?

Does anyone have the Archos 704 WIFI? I have some questions about it.

When you install the optional codec like the one for Apple Video Podcasts does the codec go on the 704 it's self or is it something you install on your PC which then is used to convert Video Podcasts to a format supported by the 704 and if so does it take a long time to convert before transferring the files to the 704?

Do you have to purchase separate codec for thees file formats H.264, VOB, or MPEG-1/MPEG-2 movies or do they bundle several file format support together as one purchase of $20?

Does it still have the problem of system noise and pops in the audio even when nothing was playing, or has that been fixed with a firmware upgrade?
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To play .MOV files you need to buy the plugin for podcasts from archos. This doesn't install any software as the software is already included in the archos operating system all it allows you to do is use it. It will then play quicktime files (.mov) up to dvd resolution that you transfer to the Archos. Same for the cinema plugin which allows you to play .vob files (not however a full dvd with menus etc only the individual vob files.) if you check the Archos website it will list the file formats each plugin allows you to play.

Personally I use winff (free to use) to convert any file to divx (avi) files in either 4.3 or widescreen which the Archos can play without purchasing the plugins.

I am using the latest firmware and havent had a problem with sound at all, in fact I reckon this gadget, the 705wifi, is pretty fantastic especially as Archos have just announced some forthcoming free firmware upgrades to Flash 9 - although you will need the webrower plugin for that and to surf the web.

I just have the webrowser plugin and use winff in leiu of the others.
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