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Default Stereo Sound via Bluetooth

Good day!

I own YP-P2 (4.05b firmware) and SonyErricson HBH-DS220 stereo bluetooth garniture.

Both supports Bluetooth 2.0

When listening music, i'm hearing nice at all sound, but with noise at high frequincy.. like they are ripped. When using the same phones w/o bluetooth - everything is fine.

At one hand we have: non-compressed sound needs 1378 KBit/sec (44100 * 2 (16bit) * 2 (Stereo) / 1024 (KBytes) * 8 (KBits))
but Bluetooth 2.0 allows only ~710 KBit/sec.

But in other hand, Bluetooth 2.0 has EDR with allows 2.1 MBits bandwith, and A2DP supports SBC codec.

So, where's the problem? in P2 or in SE garniture or in Bluetooth technology?

Thanks :>
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Bluetooth A2DP stream quality varies greatly based on chipsets, hardware, and firmware. Some headphone/device pairings sound good and some sound terrible. It's not always a headphone or device problem alone.

Generally speaking, the BT specifications mean little. Often, OEMs limit bit rates well below theoretical capabilities to enhance battery life or device performance so quoting bandwidth is pointless. I've found that out quickly with a couple of BT 2.0 A2DP mobile phones that I hacked to higher bit rates than the OEM enabled. Get over the specs and focus the actual hardware/software/firmware performance. The T9B has BT 1.2 and has better A2DP output than it's BT 2.0 replacement, the T10. At least this is with every BT headphone I've tested (BT 1.2 & 2.0).
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also some devices like my samsung mobile i450 music phone actually stream bluetooth with equalizer choices! But the P2 does not stream equalizer settings via bluetooth, hope they work on that via firmware.
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