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Yeah, I posted a lot of details about this last month: FYI - M3U Playlists do in fact work in MSC mode

FYI, I also just posted a request in the Winamp Wishlist forum about adding a "Use relative paths in playlists" feature to the portable sync options. Hopefully they will add this feature soon. Although, I would say it's really the Clip that's at fault since the playlists created by Winamp are valid.

In the meantime, as Click said, you can use another tool to create the playlists or use a search and replace tool to fix the Winamp playlists like I mentioned in my earlier post.

It sounds like you're pretty anti-Winamp, but you might not want to give up on it so quick. The portable sync features are actually really nice if you take the time to figure it out.
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