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Default Help! How do I hard reset?

After three days of using this thing, I decided to put in a 1GB microSD chip. I inserted the chip, and inserted the player. It gave the windows error about the malfunctioning USB device. So I pulled the player, removed the microSD, and reinserted the player. It worked. I tried the SD card again. Now it gives the USB malfunction error on windows, and the Express is permenantly in "Reading" mode with the little exchanging arrows animation.

I've pulled it free of the computer, and the little "Reading" animation continues to play, and all buttons are nonresponsive. Even the power button... holding it for 20 seconds was not successful.

What do I do? Wait until it loses battery life? That could take a long time from just screen lighting Isn't there a way to hard reset the device?

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I don't know offhand what the hard reset key combination is, however, battery life is rated at 15 hours and that's with limited display use. With the display lit, it will most likely run out much more quickly. When the battery is completely exhausted, plug your player in and let it fully charge before trying anything.

To prevent lockups again, you may want to reformat the micro SD card. If your PC has an SD card slot, you can insert the micro SD card into the adapter, then insert that into the slot on your computer (or external reader). Simply perform a format in Windows. Hope that helps!
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From the Express User's Manual Tips, FAQ's & Troubleshooting section:

Question: How do I perform a hard reset on the Sansa Express player?
Answer: To perform a hard reset, press and hold the Select button while pressing the Volume Up (+) button.
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However, if you perform hard reset, all your settings will lost. (fm preset, equaliser, brightness, to go list...)
But your song will remain.
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