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Help Cleaning?

Does anybody know if you can clean the screen with something like windex, or rubbing alcohol? I'm wondering cuz you couldn't use them on touch screens of the past because they would seep in and leave a brown tint (like a coffee stain). Also, do you notice smudges when the screen is on?
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smudges are barely noticeble when the screen is on.
to clean the screen... lens cleaners will clean it but for something available at home... a piece of cotton slightly dipped in rubbing alcohol and exess removed... or just a piece of cotton, dry, to get rid of the smudges but not to leave it perfectly spotless. i suggest you try the cotton dry first though
EDIT: use a glass cleaner.
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i just clean mine with my glasses cloth
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Originally Posted by mschang1991 View Post
i just clean mine with my glasses cloth
Or any microfibre cloth
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On my K3 I'd just use my shirt.
At times it becomes extremely smudged, and I used a tiny bit of water.
But microfibre cloth would probably be best.
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