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Default progress

I'd like to post my progress on this issue.

I cracked it open and took out the battery, and noticed that there was this white residue on the circuit board. Hm, something must have fried/blew up? I'm not fluent with electronics but it didn't look good.

So, I cleaned the white residue off and put the player back together. Woah, it worked! Upgraded the firmware and charged the low battery.

Now, when I try to turn it on, even though the battery is charged, it says, "No Battery - Power will automatically turn off."

Is the battery shot? I pried it open and reconnected it again, no avail. Maybe I broke something, but I didn't see anything amiss.

It works with just the power and no battery.

Maybe I'll just use this thing for spare parts if my other one decides to kick the bucket D:
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