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Originally Posted by death__machine View Post
How do you know that ?
sony has been well known for making high quality dap. everyone knows that =P

Originally Posted by Archangel View Post
sony's portable music players have generally had really good sound quality, which was why i even put up with SonicStage for my NWS-706F. just now, im willing to accept that Sony will most likely never come out with something like the P2, or something like the 706F, but with alot of space (and no SS).
+1 to good sound quality.

Originally Posted by pgh1969pa View Post
If the sound quality is comparable to Sony's other recent offerings, I'll take it over the P2's screen size. I use mp3 players to listen to music and not to watch tv or movies.

Both the P2 and the T10 have a lack luster A2DP sound quality compared to Samsung's own T9B. If Sony can improve upon this too, I'm sold.

the P2's touch interface is fussy at times and I have unintentionally paused and changed the play mode many times. Buttons work better than the P2 interface. The Apple touch interface is also more reliable.

My P2 may be on ebay once the Sony hits the market.

Games, text viewers, calendars, subway maps, and dictionaries are not selling points for me.
Sony will have better sound quality MOST LIKELY (considering that they use the same chipset as... let say... A818.

Also, improve in sound quality really only works with the built in headphone jack... so A2DP sound quality would not really increase, consider the fact that bluetooth is a lossy method of listening to music no matter how good your headphones are.

touch interface can always be better, just depends on how much time samsung decides to spend time to "fix it". and yes... to others, tactile buttons may work better
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