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Default few Q's on the clip

I recently got the iriver S10 and i do like it, but i'm considering switching to a clip to save some money.. but i have some questions first.

FM tuner - the abi review said the FM tuner is sub-par. I will be happy as long as it can pick up strong stations without static.. anyone want to share their experience with the FM tuner?

Scrolling/Scanning - the review said there's no acceleration while scrolling through songs. That isn't too big of a problem for me, but what about while scanning through a song? does the scanning speed accelerate or is it slow here as well? sometimes i only want to listen to a certain part of a 60 minute mix.

any other opinions on the S10 vs Clip?

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I don't use the FM tuner much but from what i have used of it, most major stations will come in fine with little or no static.
The scanning of the songs works well. It starts of a little slow for those fast short songs then after about 15 - 20 seconds of scanning through a song it goes by fast and then even faster. For long podcast this is very helpful. There are times it goes by to fast for me and i scan past to the beginning of the podcast. That doesn't happen often but its happened a few times on me.
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oh i see. that doesn't sound too bad then. hmm...
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The radio is fine--I really couldn't see any issue of the type suggested by Cnet (and I'm in a similar urban environment).
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