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Originally Posted by gregzx View Post
2. It has th emost powerfull amplifier you can get in a dap, and it will drive any headphones. I use public transport a lot and i never had to set the volume higher than 35 (with a 50-step scale) even when using headphones. On IEM's i never went above 20 volume level.
The scale goes to FIFTY? Oh wow, I've had my D2 about three weeks to a month now and I've never gone above 12 with my Sennheiser IEMs. I had no idea the amp was that powerful

The expandable storage is really handy too. I ended up taking a hit on storage capacity, initially wanting more than my old X5's 30 gigs and I don't really have any regrets. My music collection just barely fits on the combined ~24GB (8 internal, 16 SDHC) but the massive list of features outweighs raw storage capacity in my opinion.
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