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Angry How do I get .rockbox to show up in mac?

My mac can find the player but can't the .rockbox folder.
Please all apple people help Me out.
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If it like other Linux/Unix operating systems, it is hidden because of the . in front of rockbox. Or did you put the .rockbox folder in the root?

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I guess he wants to know how to unhide/make it visible temporarily. He noticed that it is not visible acutally.
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Originally Posted by kugel View Post
I guess he wants to know how to unhide/make it visible temporarily. He noticed that it is not visible acutally.
So why don't you tell him how it's done, instead of adding another empty comment... ?

Here's all you need to know:
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There are several options. I use Pathfinder as a file manager - works great for rockbox related stuff but costs money. You can also use a terminal trick - I got this elsewhere - for doing the rockbox installation - the os hides things that start with a period, so:
You could also type this into the terminal:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool YES

This shows all the files/folders that begin with a period. You might have to restart Finder for it to take effect (use force quit in the apple menu to do this). To reverse it, just type in the same thing but replace yes with no.
Hope this helps.
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