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Originally Posted by Matt K View Post
I actually have a question about this. I've been trying to find a charger with a shorted data line. The one I got gave me the same amount of charge time when I plug it into the computer.

So, the question is, how do I know if the charger has a shorted data line?
Well, I know mine has shorted data pins because that's the way I built it. :-)

But seriously, if you have, or have access to, a multimeter, you would set it to measure resistance/ohms, unplug the charger from the wall, and measure the resistance between the two middle pins of the USB socket. If shorted together the reading will be close to zero ohms. The spec actually just says it must be less than 200 ohms.

If you can't actually measure it that way, you would need to contact the charger's manufacturer and ask.

But you know, if you get the same charge time on the charger as you do plugged into your computer, which would be about four hours from a low-charge state, then that charger is probably compliant with the new spec, and I wouldn't worry about it.
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