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Originally Posted by jmgeddis View Post
My Microsoft Zune 30g malfunctioned and sent a static discharge or electrical shock through the earbuds to my ears. At the same time, the Zune reset and emitted a very loud noise through the earbuds.
I suffered a temporary threshold shift, meaning my hearing was impaired for some time, and I still deal with discomfort and ringing in my ears.
Has anyone suffered similar injuries? If so, please elaborate. Did you report the incident to Microsoft? Did you see a doctor? Please share your experience by commenting below or at http://www.********************.com
Sure it did. Electricity won't travel through plastic, which is the portion of your earbud touching your ear. So you heard a screech, take the player back. You trying to start a class action suit and leech some money from a big company? nice real nice.
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